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Maryland Realtor Tamyra Boykins received her BA in Psychology from The University of MD Baltimore County and has over 20 years experience in the customer service sector.  This background plays a key role in her success as a real estate professional by enhancing her ability to grasp the needs of her clients.  Her unique understanding of others coupled with her excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to read in between the lines also make her an effective negotiator. She likes to WIN for her clients and handles each deal with finesse and grit.  Her first priority is to provide her clients top notch service that not only makes them happy but gets the job done.

Tamyra believes that a home is an extension of the owner’s lifestyle.  No matter what the budget one’s home should match their style and personality.  Tamyra has knack at being able to help her clients find the home that speaks to them.  

Drawing from her own experience of becoming a homeowner, Tamyra recognizes and values the trust placed in her by her clients and with unmatched devotion she strives to always exceed expectations. The Tamyra Boykins experience takes a unique approach at providing real estate services to her clients.  Making each individual feel comfortable and special, every step of the way with her through her 3C process; Coach Counsel and Celebrate.  Her clients her thoroughly educated, which places them in a situation to make the best decisions, and each milestone is commemorated.  This leaves a lasting impression on her client with memories that will last a life time.  

Apart from being a Realtor, working with Fathom Realty, she is also a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Maryland association of Realtors as well as the Howard County Association of Realtors.  She takes pride in giving back to the community as well as being a part of organizations that cultivate the growth and improvement of her city. She regularly devotes her time to provide service through out the Baltimore area, she is also a proud member of the Junior League of Baltimore, a leadership development organization for women and she is founder and a board member to a youth mentoring organization  Divine Gems Youth Group Inc.  Family time is her favorite time, so lazy Sunday’s, traveling, and dinners out with her husband and 4 children are some of her most prized moments.  Her clients are like family to her too, she is a hard worker and finds joy in providing the best service to her clients but what she loves most is the new relationships she gets to build.  These relationships last way past  the closing table.  With Tamyra You have a Realtor and friend for life.  These life long relationships are the main reason why she loves her job so much!  It is not unusual to hear her say;

The Best Part of Her Job is YOU Coming Home!!!!


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